Striped Bass Salad


Courtesy of Jose DaPonte, Owner NorthCoast Boats | C&C Fiberglass Components

We go catch the Striped Bass, however you like to. (Filet accordingly)

Put in the pan with water- Boil for @15 minutes

Take it out and put it in cold water for a little bit, so it keeps the fish together, so it doesn’t fall apart

Then you break it into little chunks

You boil some Potatoes

Cut the Potatoes in squares or round, whatever you like

Then you put a little bit of: Crushed Pepper

  1.      Onions
  2.      Parsley
  3.      Little bit of salt- however you like it
  4.      Just a tiny bit of vinegar and vegetable oil
  5.      Then you put it in the refrigerator, if you like it cold, or if you like it warm and that’s it.
"The longer you let it sit the better it is!” – Jose DaPonte