FLY OF THE MONTH: NCB Ambassador Joe O’Clair


Joe O’Clair, of Flycatcher Flies, a NorthCoast Boats Ambassador and well respected fly tier who fishes his new NorthCoast 19CC out of the Bass River on Cape Cod.


When the Striped Bass arrive in the Cape Cod waters, they are small , hungry and tired from their long trip.   The fly should be small, and tasty looking with good visibility.

1.  Start with a long shank #2 hook.

2.  On the bend of the hook tie in 2 small hackles on each side of the hook facing in.    Over the hackles tie in 4 pieces of flashbou.

3.  Tie in your belly hair, flip the fly over and tie in your top wing.  Add a  3/4″ eye and cement head.

This fly can be tied with many color combinations, and is easy to cast….    have fun ……  joe

Flycatcher Flies, “Saltwater Flies made by a fisherman for fishermen”, are as stunning to look at as they are effective. Striped Bass, Bluefish, Albies and Bonito are the typical quarry that fall for his baitfish imitations. One of my favorites is Joe’s Grass Shrimp (see previous post) where he blends a subtle tan fiber throughout the pattern, hidden on the hook by pearlescent flash and wiggly legs. This weighted fly’s action is hard to pass up as a regular go to.

For more information or to reach Flycatcher Flies contact Joe at 508-398-0512