NorthCoast supports Rifles to

While on a fishing expedition in North Carolina the NorthCoast 24CC provided the perfect platform to inaugurate our work with Rifles to Rods.

Question: When do you get the opportunity to share the day with a few good men? Answer: When you let Ryan Puzzo of Rifles to know where you plan to be fishing and when. Ryan is co-founder of Rifles to Rods and a Veteran who served eight years in the military and he continues to serve others. He knows personally what it means to spend the day on the water.

Your heart rate slows considerably. Down to a beat, or so, every once and awhile as you watch an epic display of sea life go about their business. Between the herd of wild horses running the beaches, Spanish Mackeral surface feeds, Tarpon visual fest, and Sea Turtles and Sea Bass we had momentary visits by the tax collector, the man in the brown suit, otherwise known to most as- Shark.

Ryan was able to wrangle up Army Master Sergeant Darryl Mullins and his son Rashidi, who both currently serve our nation. Ryan even flew in for the day to join us. We all enjoyed the day. There is a peace and calm on the water found in the moments somewhere between the permanent smiles and laughter.

If you want to share a day with some great human beings or make a donation, contact Rifles to Rods, pitch in, and support this excellent organization’s efforts. These guys are awesome!

On behalf of all of us at NorthCoast Boats, Thank you for your service!

And Ryan, given the next opportunity- We are ready when you are!