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The Fall Run

Striped Bass, Bluefish, False Albacore, and Bonito migrate throughout the fall displaying an aggressive “all you can eat” baitfish buffet feeding style. Shoving, barging, heave and repeat as the main course flees for their lives. Fat and satiated to a point of gagging each predator is preparing for a very long and dangerous journey South.

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Species by Season in and around Newport, RI.

The water off Newport’s visibility for sight casting is excellent. Clean and fresh- with new baitfish and their crazed predators arriving on each tide. A large variety of salt water species enhance our world class angling experiences- all season long.

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Striped Bass Salad

Jose DaPonte with Tautog Striped Bass Salad – courtesy of Jose DaPonte (Owner NorthCoast Boats | C&C Fiberglass Components)   “We go catch the Striped Bass, however you like to. (Filet accordingly) Put in the pan with water- Boil for @15 minutes Take it out and put it in cold water for a little bit,

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