NorthCoast Boats are now available with YAMAHA outboards. The decision to become an OEM was a simple one. Many of our Dealers, some of which are YAMAHA authorized Dealerships and new boat buyers, along with new Dealer prospects around the country, made it clear they wanted the number one Outboard brand to compliment the exciting new 2020 NorthCoast model line up. Many of our existing Dealers are able to sell multiple brands of outboards- but buyers are opinionated and know what they want. We build boats first and foremost. Selling SUZUKI and HONDA products works very well for some and until recently we had only been able to sell blank boats, “boats without motors”, to those wishing to hang YAMAHA product.

As you can imagine, this is very disruptive to the already challenging job of producing nine and soon to be ten models- all with their own set of custom options and colors. Customers and Dealers alike prefer the engines be hung at the plant and that is who we are listening to as we develop new product. We are very excited about the future and want to welcome YAMAHA aboard.

Gregg Weatherby